Does it matter if sounds can be heard when presenting the Goulding Method?

Q. Does it matter if sound can be heard or the radio or the TV is on when presenting the Goulding Method?

head and shoulders photo of Joane Goulding founder of the SleepTalk Method

A. Yes it does.

It’s very important that any conversation, television, radio or communication of any type is not occurring whilst parents implement the Goulding Method.

Parents are accessing the deep unconscious area of their child’s mind and any sound or interference from radio, television, perhaps arguments or details of discussions within hearing may be confused with the suggestions.

In fact, it’s always important that the child does not fall asleep in front of a television or radio.

An important factor to be aware of is to ensure children are not in the vicinity or able to hear any communication especially any violence or arguments.

Negative discussions or comments shared or discussed about them whilst believing they are asleep or even awake for that matter is inappropriate.

Even during a “normal” sleep process, children’s brainwave frequency may alter to a level where they are accessing the communications around them.

Sleeping children travelling in a car can also hear.