How would you describe the child who awakens easily?

Q. How would you describe the child who awakens very easily, has difficulty going to sleep, or is often awake throughout the night?
head and shoulders photo of Joane Goulding founder of the SleepTalk Method

A. Very anxious.

The Goulding Method should be able to help but it may be difficult the first week or so to actually access the deep unconscious mind – the computer of the child because of the anxiety.

If parents persist in presenting the Method the child will gradually gain a sense of confidence.

The anxiety will be reduced each time the Method is presented because parents will be reinforcing their child’s basic self–image and a belief that “it’s okay”.

If consistency is offered, gradually the child’s anxiety will reduce and they will get a good night’s sleep.

A lower level of anxiety and a calm state of mind will develop and gradually they will become more and more able to accept the suggestions.

The Method will never eliminate a memory, but will encourage a change of energy of that memory.

As parents persist with positive suggestions they will compound and eventually become more powerful than the negative effect of the “I’m not okay” belief structure.