Please explain how SleepTalk helps create “Emotional Health?

photo of Joane Goulding founder of the sleeptalk methodA. Emotional health in childhood, in my opinion is the key to future happiness. Australian national paper, ‘The Observer’, reported that Lord Richard Layard, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE) and his colleagues at the Wellbeing Research Program at the LSE, conclude that a child’s emotional health is far more important to their satisfaction levels as an adult than other factors. He says: “Emotional health in childhood is the key to future happiness”. The LSE study suggests that: “Money, success and good grades are less important”.

Society tells us that education is important; however emotional intelligence and resilience are essential for our children. Babies in the womb are listening and feeling everything that the mother feels, which impacts on healthy brain and body development. How can we have peace in the world without having peaceful, happy children?

A substance/drug free process taking only two minutes a night can help not only the child but also the parents, who are the catalyst to ensure children develop a positive mind-set, by educating patents to be more aware of the messages they are giving their children and to therefore communicate in more constructive ways.

SleepTalk introduces an alternative substance-free ‘remedy’ that promotes behaviour modification and assists with communication and family dynamics. New behavioural strategies are developed by the child during sleep and without contraindications! It takes advantage of the fact that physiological change from a state of deep sleep to wakefulness is reversible and mediated by the Reticular Activating System (RAS). Research published in ‘Current Biology’ reveals “that complex stimuli can not only be processed while we sleep but that this information can be used to make decisions, similarly as when we’re awake.”