Some children live regimented orderly lives, would the Goulding Method help them?

head and shoulders photo of Joane Goulding founder of the SleepTalk Method A. Yes definitely.

Some children, who relate well to organised structured lives, sometimes have
more difficulty adapting to a crisis or major changes than those from apparently “dysfunctional”

Sometimes they are unable to cope with unpredictability issues because they require everything to be structured and as a result have an inability to cope as a result.

Their seemingly unrealistic expectations and perceptions of failure are not always known to the parents.

With the Goulding Method parents are able to give their child/ren a Foundation of security that, regardless of the disruption to their routine or orderly timetable, they will cope with their world.

That their parents’ or primary carers’ acceptance is not conditional upon success / performance / standards.