What happens if it is an unhappy or a sad day for the child?

Q. The Goulding Method includes phrases about a happy day. What happens if it is an unhappy or a sad day for the child? Won’t that cause conflict?

head and shoulders photo of Joane Goulding founder of the SleepTalk MethodA. No, not really because whatever the events of the day, it is our response that matters.

We can respond to an issue with frustration, anger or fear. Or we can deal with it with discernment and calmness, so it will depend on the individual state of mind.

The Goulding Method assists because it helps to develop constructive attitudes and hence constructive ways of dealing with those issues. It allows a positive self–image rather than a defeatist negative attitude.

If parents give a child the belief structure of confidence, calmness and a positive self–image, they will take on board that frame of mind and will be able to deal with issues of a negative nature with a positive self–image.

Remember, there are basically only two energies in this world and in most instances are either dealt with issues from a level of “fear” energy or “love” energy. In other words from a: “Negative” or “Positive” energy.