When did you realise that the method was helping Michelle?

photo of Joane Goulding founder of the sleeptalk methodA. It was one morning after we had used the process for a few weeks.

Michelle was coming into the kitchen for breakfast and I found myself anticipating another angry and disconnected outburst when she walked into the room.

All the same, I asked her: “How are you today, darling?” I will never forget what happened next. She stopped walking towards me, cocked her head to one side, and, with a quizzical frown on her face, one word escaped her lips: “Happy?” she said, with just a touch of a question, as if she was trying to work something out.

My heart sang. It was an emotional moment because this one word proved that all of our struggles had been worthwhile.

Michelle’s unconscious mind was processing the instructions we had been giving her in during sleep, that she was unconditionally loved and “today was a happy day”.