Would you explain in more detail what you mean by “feedback”?

head and shoulders photo of Joane Goulding founder of the SleepTalk MethodA. ‘Feedback’ means identifying a change in behaviour or communication.

After presenting the Foundation Statement of the Goulding Method, it’s important to determine the child’s acceptance of the Foundation suggestions by asking a direct question during the day such as, “How are you today?”

Little Johnny might say “happy” or simply indicate by his behaviour that he is feeling more optimistic.

His words and his behaviour together comprise what we call “feedback”, although there may still be conflict within the child as the process of change occurs.

Also note that the child may be thoroughly enjoying being unhappy because it’s giving them the attention they need, especially if they have difficulty showing emotions, accepting touch or hugs.

If parents persist each evening with the Method, they will gradually see subtle changes.

Their child may come up and give them a shy little hug; they may start changing the way they speak, act, respond; they may even be calmer, happier, less anxious or shy.

Sometimes it’s difficult to clearly identify or determine why there is a difference, it all classifies as feedback.

Sometimes the changes are subtle, and conversely sometimes within days, a major change of emotional response or attitude occurs.