After 12 weeks of the SleepTalk Foundation Stage…

georgie star - a purple and white star with a smile on his face.“After 12 weeks of the SleepTalk® Process- Foundation Stage

  • Mum noticed results after two weeks of  the SleepTalk® process and the first observation was the increase in the confidence level where he became more approachable to try new things or new learning challenges believing in his own abilities! 
  • Soon his reading and writing improved dramatically along with his grades and he was awarded from school for the amount of reading he is doing!
  • His ability to express himself improved slightly but he was able to make better sense using his mother tongue language! 
  • His attitude toward school improved and is more focused on the positive aspects of the teachers rather than their flaws as with his very high logic and reasoning cognitive skills. sometimes he was making more sense than his teachers! 

The mother was so happy by his ability to remain calm and manage his anger very reasonably. 

She said that this has improved so much that the relationship with his brother and sister is getting so much better.! 

There is no more hair pulling at all which has stopped completely. Nail-biting is still on but at a very less frequency!