My 10-year-old son has Autism and he is highly anxious.”

georgie star - a purple and white star with a smile on his face.My 10-year-old son has Autism and he is highly anxious.

You have helped us with  SleepTalk, a program to provide my son with an internal peace and strength to cope with life’s daily stresses.  

For kids with Autism, these typical stresses are magnified and almost unbearable over many contexts.

We began with a child who was constantly afraid, fragile, and often violent and in a flight/fight mode. 

As the program has progressed months later, we have a child who is content, will in to adapt, more self-confident, more self-secure and most importantly, happy.  

I would highly recommend this program as it has benefited the entire family.

We are all in a good place! Thank you.”